Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog Post 14

Technology and Education

     Today I checked out the blog of Jose' Picardo. He is the head of the languages department at Nottingham High School according to his site. I am very impressed by the way he has chosen to better his students lives through the use of technology that they already use. He educates with a knowledge of what his charges like, he uses it to help get their attention and respond positively. He uses their music and games to give them a way to express themselves and learn by doing.

     On his site we see a fantastic list of blogs that Picardo himself reads and follows. Many of these blogs I also have read and enjoyed in the course EDM310. He has truly tapped into a vein of technology and has effectively used it to teach. He also has given us some fantastic advice in his you tube video called "Top Ten Tips for Using Technology in the Classroom" embedded below. In his top ten list he gives us great ways that we may not have even thought about to incorporate technology into the students lives. He uses their own tech to educate them and his students love it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


C4T Comment 1

     I recently read a blog post by Mr. Chase called "Things I Know 255 of 365". In his post he compares the archaic education system that is now in place to that of the economy. The laws of supply and demand are introduced to fill the need of the new job markets. Technology is key to these new market directions.

Hello again Mr. Chase,
     My name is Christopher Reindl and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I recently finished Microeconomics and quite enjoyed your blog post. It is true that education must diversify its assets if it want to maintain its status in today's ever changing market. I believe this can be done, but this move has and will come with much opposition. But, I believe that if we introduce a technological infusion into this educational economy we can win the hearts and minds of the investors. It is our responsibility to do what must be done to help education remain liquid and strong. It is truly too big to fail.
Christopher Reindl

C4T Comment 2

     I recently commented on a blog post by Mr. Chase called "Things I Know 284 of 365". In his blog he talked about how a big meal brings together all who attend. It makes you reflect about the lose of social contact one feels in this technological age we now live.

Hello again Mr. Chase,
     My name is Christopher Reindl and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I very much enjoyed your blog post this time. I truly see that the technological culture we have thrown ourselves fully into lacks community. Never do we make time to meet with neighbors or socialize with the outside world as we did in yesteryear. I hope that with this world we can find a happy medium and realize that their is still a human at the keyboard. Thanks for your blog post.
Christopher Reindl   

Sunday, November 20, 2011

C4K Summary Post 3

C4K Comment 1

     Today I commented on a blog post by Sean. Sean is a student in Mrs. Yollis' 3rd grade class in California. He wrote a very interesting story about the adventures of two pumpkin friends called "The Hero Pumpkin". I very much enjoyed reading his story and loved seeing how well written his piece was. I am always put back by these future students. They do so much at such a young age. Keep up the good work Sean.

Hello Sean,
     My name is Christopher Reindl and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your story "The Hero Pumpkin" about two pumpkins, and some unfunny robot scarecrows. When I read it I could see the events unfolding in front of my eyes. You truly know how to write a good story. I thank you for your work in Mrs. Yollis' Class. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.
Christopher Reindl

C4K Comment 2

     I recently commented on a blog post by Lorenzo K-B called "Going to Space". In his story he talked about the world ending. He had to flee to Jupiter. In his entry he made a few mistakes but I appreciate his creativity. If all students still could use their imaginations, the sky would be the limit to their abilities. Thanks Lorenzo K-B for a fantastic blog entry.  

Hello Lorenzo K-B,
     My name is Christopher Reindl and I am student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I quite enjoyed your story about going to Jupiter. I thought I would share some fun facts. Jupiter is called a gas giant because of it's huge volume and the fact that it is made up of primarily gas. It also has many moons. I wanted to point out that in your second sentence you might have meant to say Astronaut and not arsonist. An arsonist sets things on fire for no reason. I really enjoyed your story and hope that you keep writing.
Christopher Reindl

Blog Post 13 Option 2

My Teacher is an App

     I recently read an article by Stephanie Banchero and Stephanie Simon entitled "My Teacher is an App". In it we learn that students are taking more of their core curriculum online. In thirty states students can take their entire class load from the comfort of their own home. In some places students are still required to still attend a school, but upon arrival they take most if not all their classes online.
     Students in these environments get the opportunity to use technology that is already familiar to them and use tools that will enables them to prepare themselves for the modern day workforce. We have already discovered that the students of today are studying to perform jobs that do not even exist yet. Look what has changed in the last twenty five years. Everyone has a home computer and most if not all of a household knows how to use it. When I was in school my classroom had one computer and we were proud of it. It was an Apple II. We could word process and play simple games like Number Muncher and Oregon Trail. It sure beat typing papers on the typewriter in the corner of the room.

      The world is changing at an exponential rate. Technology today will obsolete in ten years. We must allow ourselves to continue to learn these new technologies, and what better way than the virtual classroom. Students have the ability to learn on their own and can teach themselves. They can and will use the technology anyway, so why not use the tech to teach? It is a splendid way to give students problem solving abilities and it attributes to creativity, but the "jury is still out" on its abilities to teach.

     Teachers that educate through online services may be responsible for more than 250 students, where as teachers in traditional schools may be responsible or 150. This makes it hard for teachers and students to communicate in a timely manner. It is frustrating to students that need help to have to wait for their questions to be answered so they can complete their tasks on time and with the desired results.

     The ability for students in the cyber classrooms to perform on standardized testing is also in question. After some students that were primarily taught online were tested against students from traditional schools the results showed that the tech students did worse in most subjects especially math and reading. Though online only schools seem to be an excellent alternative, the facts show otherwise.

     This problem has been all but solved in a new school in Miami called the I Prep Academy. Though it is only in the test stages, students have done well in this new and technologically savvy environment. The school merges online learning with regular lectures. The students have flexible schedules in order to focus more energy on problem areas, and teachers have the freedom while students are learning online to give one on one instruction to students that fall behind. There are no regulated classes or mandated schedules.  Students have the freedom to hold their future in their own hands and let their teachers be a guide to achieving success.

     Will this virtual school provide all the answers? I don't think so, but I believe we are on the right track. Schools have changed so little in the last three hundred years. Online learning has had only a couple of decades. It takes time to work out the bugs in a system that has to introduce new technology all the time. I believe that we must find a happy medium between the old and new. We cannot expect all students to take to the new just as we cannot expect all students to except the old. We must structure our classrooms to help all students to aspire for greatness. We must allow ourselves to be free-thinkers. We must enable ourselves to see the big picture. No one likes change, but we must be able to do just that. We are not trying to become teachers for ourselves. We want the chance to share our knowledge and experiences with students in order to better their lives. Whether in the classroom or the computer, we must be prepared for an unknown future and be ready to be the educators that these future students will need in their corner.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Post 12

Evolution in Teaching and Technology

     Why do you want to be a tech savvy teacher? What makes you want to implement technology in your classroom? Checkout the you tube video and the title link above. In this blog post I would like you to find reasons online. They can be in the form of other blogs, wikis, podcasts, videos...ect. I want you to start with the you tube video above. This will be a good stepping off point for your intellectual journey. After you find what you are looking for write a quality blog post about what you learned including links to your source material. Have fun and learn something about yourself.

Student Podcasts

     I started my journey with a wonderful podcast by Cheyenne B.from Desert Harbor Elementary in Arizona. A podcast is like a radio broadcast but on the computer. In it, we see how a student can use this technology to not only learn about a subject, but also teach others about what they learned. The student teaches us about an art work called Dust Bowl by Alexander Hogue. I love the way one can use such a simple technology to reach such a broad audience.
Student Wikis

     I then looked at many student wikis. Wikis are collaborative efforts of many to talk about one subject. They a made up of blog posts, podcasts, videos, and much more. I found a very interesting wiki that was started to educate teachers on the importance of technology in education but morphed into something pretty cool. On it, one gets to see many examples of what it is to be a 21st century teacher. Technology in education is breaking down all the walls.

Student Blogs

     I next found a blog about why students should blog. It was written by a secondary education teacher in Australia. In her blog she talks about 20 different reasons why students should blog. It is important to give  students an outlet to be able to talk about their personal learning plan, and also teach others about their experiences. With this technology, students can collaborate with people worldwide. It take a classroom and makes it a world stage.

Student Videos

     Student videos are a fantastic way to educate your students in a fun and exciting way. Students can have an opportunity to make a video that can help others understand what they themselves are learning. It causes them to work harder because their work will be seen by a whole world of people. Students are ready to implement this technology into their personal learning plans and we have to be ready to give them the tools to achieve those goals.

    We will be teaching a generation of students that have never lived in time without computers. We will have to be always learning to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. We owe it to ourselves and our students to enable this medium in our classrooms. Technology is not going away. You can jump on the bandwagon or simply be left in the dust. I hope we all can live with our decisions. We must foster creativity in our students and give them the problem solving skills to reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

Friday, November 11, 2011

C4K Post 10 Part 1

Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog

     Today I took a look at Mrs. Yollis' classroom blog. She has made something pretty special. Her students get the opportunity to learn from each other and from students around the world. They learn to blog, podcast, make videos, and use the internet as a learning tool. Her students become better writers because they write for a world stage instead of just their teacher.

     She also has done us all one better. Instead of just teaching her students to use these technology, she has them use the tech to teach others. Her students use videos to teach others how to video. Her students use podcast to teach other to podcast. They all use technology because they see its merit and they want other to see it too.

     I have had a hard time over this semester trying to figure out if technology in the classroom is the right fit for me. I worried that it would just add to the already stressful load we put on our students today. But, I was wrong to think that. We can't afford to not teach in this way. We must introduce technology into our classrooms now. We can not deprive our students of this great opportunity.

     Mrs. Yollis and her class have already accomplished what we only talk about. They have figured out how to bring this huge medium under control and how to use it productively. We can talk a good game but they are doing it. If we can all inspire to be half the educator Mrs. Yollis is, we will be alright. I thank her and her class for a job well done.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Post 11

Little Kids...Big Potential

     Today I watched a wonderful video by the students in Ms. Cassidy's 1st grade class. We see in the video how technology has not only been introduced but how it is helping to educate these remarkable students. They use tools like blogs and wikis to learn from people around the world. They get the opportunity to communicate with children and adults alike to help understand this new medium.

     Ms. Cassidy is a very remarkable educator. She began a class webpage and later a class blog to utilize 5 computers that were donated to her classroom. With the support of her school system, she has utilized the tools that she was given with amazing results. In a Skype interview with Dr. Strange, Cassidy, Kathy Cassidy talks about why and how she has implemented these methods into her classroom.

     Ms. Cassidy says that it important to understand technology is not going to go away. We as future educators must figure out how to use these tools in a positive and constructive ways. We have to allow ourselves to embrace what feels foreign to us. Sure, we never had these opportunities in school, but why should we keep other from learning. That goes against what we are trying to achieve.

     Technology is changing everyday. We must learn how to adapt to this ever changing environment. It is scary to think that we could deny our children the opportunity to get ahead in life. Using computers to do school work helps develop the skills to be able to be creative and use problem solving skills in the work place. It is true that no matter what someone does for a living, computers will be a part of it. Let's do our best to give our charges all the tools they need to succeed.  

C4K Summary Post 2

C4K Comment 1

     Today I watched and commented on a handy video by Gina. In the video she explain what blogs are. She did a wonderful job and truly made it easy to blog. Gina is 7. We are coming so far with technology and what we can do with it. I truly look forward to seeing what Gina and other children worldwide will make of this brave new world. 

Hello Gina,
     My name is Christopher Reindl and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I just watched your video and I really enjoyed it. You did a very good job of describing what a blog is. A blog is a very handy tool and a great way to share your feelings with everyone worldwide. I look forward to reading more on your blog.
Christopher Reindl

C4K Comment 2

     I recently commented on a blog post by Cherokee. She is a student that is very excited about science. She did a good job in the way she structured her argument but had a few proofreading errors. Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed reading about someone excited to learn. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Hello Cherokee,
     My name is Christopher Reindl and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I recently read your blog post about science. I like that you are so excited to learn and I hope that will continue to be the case in the future. I also liked the way you asked a question then answered it. It was unique. I think you might want to give it a quick read through. There were a few errors in syntax at the bottom. Overall you did a great job and I hope you continue to blog.
Christopher Reindl

C4K Comment 3

     I recently commented on a blog post by Jeremy. In his post Jeremy used his blog to brainstorm ideas for a short story he wanted to write. I thought his ideas were fantastic and would truly love to read his finished product. It just goes to show one more way that the use of technology can do.

Hello Jeremy,
     My name is Christopher Reindl. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I like your story concept. I don't know much about BMX but I would love to learn more. I think it would be an interesting read, and I hope you publish it in a summary blog post. I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading more about you in your blog.
Christopher Reindl

C4K Comment 4

     I recently commented on a video made by Gabriel. In his video he talks about Fiji and Rugby. He did a good job explaining his topics and he used the medium to the best of his abilities. I learned a good bit from watching his video and hope that he continues to work on more projects like this one. 

Hello Gabriel,
     My name is Christopher Reindl and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I quite enjoyed your video. You did a very good job with your research. I also would love to see Fiji. I also enjoy rugby. It is a very intense sport. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.
Christopher Reindl

C4K Comment 5

     Today I commented on Mr. McClung's class blog. He uses his blog to interact with and educate his students. In his blog post he gives his students some incite into absolute monarchy in Great Britain. I like the idea of using a public forum to help educate his students. I think he may have checked out EDM310.

Hello Mr. McClung,
     My name is Christopher Reindl and I am a student in edm310 at the University of South Alabama. I very much enjoy British history, especially the House of Stuart and the House of Hanover. They truly are the imported monarchy. James I was James VI king of Scotland. William III was William of Orange. Of the 4 George’s only 2 were even born in the United Kingdom. In hope your students enjoy learning about the monarchy as I did. So much scandal and controversy.
Christopher Reindl

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Post 10

"Do you Teach or Do you Educate?"

     I recently watched a you tube video by Joshua Bloom called "Do you teach or Do you Educate?". In it, Bloom eloquently explains the difference between being a teacher and becoming an educator. He said that a teacher is someone who causes or even forces someone to learn. That is a scary thought. No one should use punishment as an incentive to learn. He then says that an educator is someone who cultivates thought and nurtures creativity.

     I believe most people who became teachers aspire to be educators. Over time people lose their drive and become lethargic. We must always try to do better, to be better. We must never lose sight of the our purpose as educators. We must always educate to inspire creativity and problem solving. I believe that students and teachers alike are ready for change and would welcome it. We must continue to pursue greatness. We must find inspiration in our students as they would hopefully find it in us.

"Don't Let Them Take Home The Pencils"

     When was last time you picked up a pencil? The last time I used a pencil I was doing a wood working project and used it to mark a line. When was the last time you put pencil to paper? I wrote a shopping list out about a year ago I now just type it  up and print it put on the inkjet. When was the last time you used a pencil to write something meaningful? I wrote thank-you notes in pencil for gifts after graduation from high school in 2003. John Spencer makes the point that pencils are more than archaic tools used by an older generation in his plog post "Don't Let Them Take Home The Pencils".

     I never gave much thought to the use of pencils, yet I truly can not remember the last time I carried one around or used one for more than a second. We must realize that students follow our lead. We will spend more time with our students than they will with their parents. So it is up to us as educators to give them a good set of tools to carry with them into their regular lives outside of school. Technology is important but we must not lose sight of the past either.

     Everyday, students and teachers must make decisions toward our future. They choose what they will learn and how they will learn it. Technology has made it much easier to find and process information. Yet, is it not just as important to use your own mind? Shouldn't we be able to write our thoughts and feelings on paper? We are the future of this profession and it our duty to give our charges every tool to accomplish their goals. Even if that tool is the humble pencil.



C4T Comment 1

     I recent commented on Mr. Chase's blog post "Things I Know 247 of 365". In it he talks about his observations at his local gym's rock wall. Three students were helping each other to accomplish their goal of climbing the wall. They gave each other encouragement and helped each other to complete the desired task. They were only eight years old. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that students are people with thoughts and feelings too. They are all different, and not everyone learns the same. We have to be observant and do our best to listen.

Hello Mr. Chase,
My name is Christopher Reindl. I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I liked your blog post for a few reasons. First, I enjoyed your realization that kids can and do learn outside of the classroom. We forget sometimes that life is a constant teacher and we must always listen to it's lessons. Second, we must not be afraid to learn from our students. In our struggle to teach students, we forget that we can learn just as much for our charges. Third, words of encouragement can mean more than you think. We our so quick to point out shortcomings, and so slow in providing praise. Sometimes, a good job deserves a "good job". Finally, we should always learn from our environments around us. It is so easy to invert into our own thoughts and forget there is a whole world around us. We must always be learning. 
Christopher Reindl 

C4T Comment 2

     Today I commented on another blog post by Mr. Chase called "Things I Know 250 of 365". In it Chase describes his encounter with a school run like a prison. Children could not even speak to each other. I will never understand the thought process that would make this right. Our children are our future and we must not prepare them to be prisoners we must allow them to be problem solvers. By hindering students ability to grow and mature in a normal way can and will have detrimental effects on our country. I hope we can see the error in our ways. I don't know if I could teach in a place like that...    

Hello again Mr. Chase,
My name is Christopher Reindl and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I I truly do not understand why this is allowed to go on in America. I understand the need for order, but students have rights too. Basic human rights should not be taken away from anyone especially those there to seek an education. Uniforms and dress codes may seem like good ideas, but it takes away the creativity and drive in students. We should make the school an inviting and comforting place to come and learn. You can not teach through fear. We must not let this become the norm in this ever changing America. We can do better.
Christopher Reindl

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Project 9b Timetoast

"Timetoast (Instructional)"

Blog Post 9

"What I Have Learned This Year 2008-2009"

     I recently read Mr. McClung's blog post "What I Have Learned This Year". In it we read one teacher's reflections on his first year teaching. He said in the article that it was hard for him to give up on his perfect lesson plans at first, but he realized that the most important thing was going with the flow and teaching for his students. It is difficult to change your way of thinking but we must always be learning.

     We as prospective teachers must realize how important it is to understand our charges and help them comprehend and hopefully retain the information given to them. It is the purpose of teachers to help students to become better learners. I certainly agree that we can not expect our students to learn if we will not. We must allow ourselves to embrace technology and give our all to our profession.

"What I Have Learned This Year 2009-2010"

     I recently read Mr. McClung's second blog post "What I Have Learned This Year". In it we read about a man in transition. McClung has finished his second year of teaching. In his first dispatch, he felt at home with his students and his first school. In this second dispatch, he felt that he had many shortcomings and wants to do better. He said that his second year was a very humbling experience.

     Though disheartened a bit, McClung remembered his core reason for being a teacher. His students are first and foremost the most important aspect of his job. Though he encounters strife with the administration, he does his best to give his best in the classroom. Students encounter some much in their lives that they need teachers to be their rock. They need to know that we have the answers and are available to help them. We have to develop as teachers just as we expect our students to develop into good learners.

"What I Have Learned This Year 2010-2011"

     I just finished reading Mr. McClung's third blog post "What I Have Learned This Year". In it we read about a teacher that is finally finding his stride in the classroom. He has implemented technology into his lessons and has become more prone to help his school on his own time. He has never lost sight of his goals. His students are better for it and he now has the ability to focus on what is truly important, the good of his students.

     I never thought about all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes for the 21st century teacher. So much time is devoted to planning and scheduling. Students don't care about any of that. We must be consistent in our time management and allocate enough time to be the teachers we aspire to be. Our students will demand our best and we must be prepared to give our all. If we don't...What is the point?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Post 8

"This is How we Dream"

     I recently watched Dr. Richard E. Miller's you tube video "This is how we dream". In the video we learn of new and interesting ways people are using the web, and the importance of collaboration between the Humanities and the Sciences. It is true that with this relationship great strides can be made toward a much more technologically savvy society.

     I find the fact that web bases such as Google Documents have made it possible to collaborate worldwide. People from all over the world can simultaneously work on the same document together. Technology like this opens the doors to a whole new world for the 21st century student. By working with other schools in other countries worldwide, students could hold a ticket to greatness.

     We must make this a viable option for today's teacher. We must make available the funds to invest in the technology and infrastructure to make this dream possible. If we are to remain a world leader we must stay ahead of the learning curve. There is much to learn and more to learn everyday. We must strive to always be learning. This is a dream we can achieve and I think it is one we must achieve.

"Carly Pugh's Blog Post 12"

     I invite everyone to check out Carly Pugh's Blog Post 12. The original purpose of her assignment was to come up with an idea that Dr. Strange should have taught in EDM310. What she accomplished was amazing. She made a playlist of you tube videos that not only described her love of writing but also made us the viewer think.

     I also do not believe that you tube alone can fix our problems, but it is a fantastic starting point. The videos we see on you tube make us think and cause our creative juices flowing. The idea of putting together groups of videos that move and inspire you is a very good one. I also truly loved the way Carly interlaced her playlist into her blog. In doing so, we as the reader knew why she she picked her videos and why they were important to her.

     If students were given assignments based on this playlist they would be encouraged to take charge and take the reigns of their own educational journey. Every tool that teachers can use to help students learn should be utilized. Who knows, they might even enjoy learning. That is our goal. We must inspire the 21st century student to strive for excellence.

EDM 310 For Dummies

     I recently watched the you tube video "EDM 310 For Dummies". In it we see the struggle of two students to try and understand Dr. Strange speak. It is a foreign language that no student can understand. Yet, once the students began to relax and learned to make mistakes, their intellectual journey began.

    I to have felt the frustration of the students in the video and wanted to give up. I could not understand the importance of technology and why I needed to learn it. I was reluctant to let myself try to do the work because I was afraid to fail. It is alright to make mistakes and through continued learning we all have grown as people and students.


     I recently watched a video called Chipper. Chipper is a fictional character that has a very strange adventure. Because she doesn't want to work hard and do her best, she drops out of school and after many jobs becomes a trash collector. She then realizes that school is her only way out so she comes back.

     I believe the moral of the story is there are no shortcuts. We have to apply ourselves to succeed. We can't allow ourselves to settle for a second class education. We have to do better and not be afraid of hard work. Yes, EDM310 is hard but it is worth doing the work. We will be better people because of it.

Learn to Change,Change to Learn

     "The death of education, but the dawn of learning". I recently watched the you tube video "Learn to Change, Change to Learn". In it, the educators of today talk about the changes occurring in the schools. School as we knew it has become archaic. The Chalkboards have been replaced with smart boards. Textbooks will soon be found exclusively in e-reader form.

     Students will soon be their own teacher, and the teacher will be the guide. Group collaboration and technology based study will be the focus. Creativity will be able to prosper and students will be more able to achieve their dreams. With the tools that the 21st century student will attain, they will be more prepared for life after school.

     I feel like we are on the verge of greatness. We are on the right track but there are light years to travel, and a very short time to get there. We have to put our nose to the grindstone and begin the uphill climb. There is much to overcome but we can get there. There is no reason to not.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Comment 1
     I recently watched John Stossel's report "Stupid in America". In it he show the shocking results of teaching in a archaic fashion. It seems wrong, but it is the way our children our learning everyday. We must rise above and learn to teach better. If we don't we are doomed to repeat this cycle of failure. Failure not only to ourselves but to our students as well.

      "I can hardly believe the images of classrooms in our best American high schools. I do not understand why children would act like this to their teachers. We are so behind the rest of the world in the realm of education that we must take control of this extreme situation. We must allow our students to become a part of a new way of teaching. We must use technology as a tool to promote creativity and self improvement. We have to focus more on learning and not test taking, but we have a huge hill to climb. We must dig in and take on this problem together or we all will fail."

Comment 2

     I recently left the comment below for an article I read called "Yes, Technology in School Mostly Stinks". In it we see the complete lack of participation of academia in technology. Teacher's must allow themselves to be constant learners. To be a good teacher one must be able to provide the best education possible for their students. Technology is the gateway to our future and it can be a light in the dark. Please don't extinguish it's flame.          

     "Only 0.3 percent of teachers today are actively seeking to use technology for learning and teaching in their daily lives. I find that number shocking. How could teachers allow themselves to pass up an opportunity to better the educational experience for themselves and their charges. Technology is not going to vanish anytime soon. We must allow ourselves to embrace this changing landscape. The sooner the better."

Blog Post 7

Randy Paush Last Lecture

     Today I watched the moving last lecture of Randy Paush. In it he said, "When you are screwing up and no one cares to tell you anymore, that means they gave up." From that moment I knew I should sit and listen to this great man. Paush has truly been a guiding light in the field of technology and his contributions of Alice into schools around the world can still be seen today. He saw what was coming and gave his life to the pursuit of his dreams and helping other to achieve theirs as well.

     The lessons on life that Paush gives during the lecture will not soon be forgotten. He said, "If you live the best you can your dreams will come to you." I believe that if you give everything in all your pursuits you truly have lived a good life. We can never forget how short our time on this earth is, so we must live our lives to the fullest and be the best we can be while we are here.

     I for one have hit my share of brick walls. Paush talks about how we must not let them stop us. Life is a long and forked road. Whatever path you forge will become the legacy you leave. In this technological world we have this opportunity. I hope that I can live up to the expectations of men like Randy Paush. The world is a better place because of him.

     From this video I am left feeling a bit bewildered. I wonder if I will be remembered and if I can leave a positive mark on the world. I am left hoping that I can break through the walls and continue to follow my dreams. I am left wondering if I can be a good and technological teacher. Then I wonder if I will be able to enable other to obtain their dream. Only time will tell.    

Sunday, October 2, 2011

C4K Summary Post 1

Comment 1

     My first comment was written to Stevie. Stevie wrote a very nice blog post about his field day experiences at school. The post was well written and one could tell how much Stevie enjoyed using this technological medium to express opinions.     

Hello Stevie,
     My name is Christopher Reindl. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I truly enjoyed reading about your silly day experience. I remember that when I was in elementary school we had a field day, too. Sometimes it is nice to leave the classroom and enjoy the beautiful day with your friends. I very much look forward to reading more of your blog.

Comment 2

     My second comment was also to Stevie. In this post one reads about a drug prevention class that Stevie attended at school. These classes are very important and must continue if we are curb drug use.  

Hello Stevie, 
     I can not say enough about how much I enjoy reading your blog. You learned some very important life lessons in your drug class that will be very important for you in the future. When you grow up you will always be confronted with tough decisions. I know that with critical thinking skills like you possess you will do just fine. I look forward to your next blog post. 

Comment 3

     My third comment was left for Brayden. He did a wonderful job of telling the reader about a very interesting animal, the Fennec Fox. His post was very informative and well written.

Hello Brayden,

     I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I just finished reading your blog and I found it very informative and creative. I never new such an interesting animal even existed. I also liked that you included links to other sites that helped me to learn more about the Fennec Fox. Thank you so much for your good work and I look forward to reading more blog posts by you.

Comment 4

     My fourth comment was for Vatzana. In her blog post she thanked Lucy for here generous contribution of I-pads for the whole school. This technology was much needed and will give kids like Vatana a leg up in the world. I also left a post for the entire class to thank them for their well written letters.

Hello Vatzana,
     I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I like your energy. I enjoyed reading your letter. It is true that children love to play video games and by harnessing that we can teach valuable computer skills for the future. I hope that your I-pad serves you well.

Hello all,
     I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I very much like to see technology in the classroom. I love the fact that students get the opportunity to learn in a whole new way. Thank you Lucy and thank you students for your wonderful letters.

Comment 5

     My fifth comment was left for Georgie. In this post we learn what place Georgie would go and why. I found the post fun and interesting. 

Hello Georgie,
     I just finished reading your blog on your place. I too would love to see Hollywood. It just seems like a good place to go. I think that you write in a very nice way and look forward to reading more blog posts from you. Keep an eye out for movie stars.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog Post 6

Networked Student

     Today I watched Wendy Drexler's youtube video "Networked Student". In it we see the world of the 21st century student. It is truly amazing the amount of new technology our students have at their disposal. Once embraced by the learning community, these technologies will allow teachers to learn with their students. They will be able to interact in a far different way than the archaic teaching methods of the 20th century.

     The teacher of tomorrow will not stand at the front of a classroom and lecture point by point. They will become the guiding light for the 21st century student. They will show students how to teach themselves. They will give needed advice and show what these technologies can do for their students. They will not give away knowledge, but show students how to attain knowledge.  

     The teacher of tomorrow will have to always be learning. We can not allow ourselves to accept mediocrity. Education in America must evolve. We have taught the same way for hundreds of years. It truly is time for a change. We soldiers of education must learn to adapt and overcome if we want to make a positive impact on this brave new world.  

Welcome to my PLE

     Next I watched one 7th grader's journey through this new technology in the youtube video "Welcome to my PLE." We see rather quickly that this new movement is not only in motion but has made a substantial impact on this student's life. Instead of having to ask the teacher for help or what she needed to accomplish for the day, She uses critical thinking skills to teach herself.

     I feel that this is the way of the future. We must allow our students to have an active role in how they are taught. By doing so, we are giving these students the tools they will need to live and work in a technologically driven world. The more creative and critical thinking skills we can bestow upon our students the better.

Project 9a Timetoast


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blog Post 5

Don't Teach Your Kids this stuff. Please?

     Today I read Dr. Scott McLeod's blog post Don't Teach Your Kids this stuff. Please?. In it McLeod pokes fun at many of the stereotypical responses to technology. He speaks the truth with his sarcasm. So many people are afraid to embrace technology for so many different reasons. Yet, there is no reason to let ourselves fall behind in education. We must use every asset we possess to maintain our standing and begin to move away from the bottom of the barrel. Dr. McLeod is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky. He also is the founding director of CASTLE, the nation's only academic center dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators.

     Today I watched Travis Allen's video The iSchool initiative (Mobile Learning). In it we learn of a new program thought up by a 17 year old student. Easily one can see the value that this technology could bestow upon the schools of American student. The money saved and the environmental impact reduced by such technology is amazing. Embracing a medium that the students already know how to use will allow this technology to acclimate faster.  

     I then watched Travis Allen's follow-up videoTravis Allen's ZeitgeistYoungMinds entry (Mobile Learning) iSchool Initiative. In it we see his dream moving into action. All over the country schools are embracing his ischool program. Through technology, students are being taught in a different and creative way. By allowing the student to be involved in teaching we have and will continue to see positive growth and forward thinking.    

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'

     Today I watched Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'. In it we see an amazing combination of 185 voices formed into a choir. The funny thing is these people were not together and all the voices were recorded at different times. It is fantastic to hear and amazing to see where we are going with the technology that has been given to us. Mr. Whitacre did an amazing job and his work is an inspiration.

Teaching In the 21st Century

     Tonight I watched Kevin Roberts' video Teaching In the 21st Century. In it Roberts answers a tough question, "What does it mean to teach in the 21st Century?". The truth is that a teacher can never stop learning. Just as they ask their students, teachers must be prepared to give their all and do their best.

     Technology is changing the way students learn. Teachers must control how this new technology is used. We must allow these students to think for themselves, and prepare them for lives beyond the school fences. Life can be very hard, but the better we prepare ourselves for what is to come the better the outcome for us all.

     Like everyone in EDM310, I want to one day be a teacher. I want to do my best to give students the tools to succeed in all their endeavors. With the help of these new technologies we can teach an infinite amount of material in a shorter time. We can give these students a chance to rise back to the top in education.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Project 6 My Sentence Movie

Blog Post 4


     Today I listened to a podcast named Integrating ICT into the MFL Classroom. In it Joe Dale tells us the benefits of bringing podcasts into the classroom. He goes on to point out that the students that we will encounter today have never lived a life without technology. The amount of time that they devote to texting on their phone and watching television is mind-boggling. We learn rather quickly that students can understand and use podcast technology to enhance their learning experiences.

    I then took a look at Eagles' Nest Radio & Class Blog. On this site we see wonderful examples of podcast use in the classroom. While listening to these children it is hard to believe that they are only in the third grade. The amount of creativity and self confidence that is instilled into these children is off the charts. I also took a look at Langwitches Blog. On this site one can watch first grade students utilize podcast technology to teach themselves and their peers. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011


C4T#1 Comment 1

     I recently read Wesley Fryer's blog post "Key's to PBL and student centered learning". In it Fryer talks about the links between creativity and the way in which students are taught. It lead to the realization that if technology is not embraced as the wonderful teaching tool it is, the United States will truly fall behind the rest of the world in education.

     Throughout America students are taught in a very archaic fashion. Instead of embracing creativity, it seems as if schools today try to take those feelings and aspirations away. I feel this is a mistake, and without a reformation of the way unto which we as a people approach teaching our children we may truly be lost.

C4T#1 Comment 2

     Today I read Wesley Fryer's blog post "Hello from Shanghai". In it Fryer tells us of his journey to Shanghai, China. He tells us that he is there to attend a conference for the betterment of education worldwide. The conference is taking place in Shanghai which is a city of 22 million people. Great minds from around the world have come to one place solely for the betterment of learning. I truly hope that through works such as this conference we can become world leaders in education.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blog Post 3

Tutorial Peer Editing

     I recently read Hillary Parmer's Blog. In it she eloquently tells us the reader about a series of five short videos that help us understand the direct relationship between the way students are taught and the ability to use critical thinking skills. We also learn that art and music programs directly help to promote creativity.

     In her review of Did You Know?, she spoke about the shocking number of students falling behind in our schools as well as the United States being far surpassed by other countries in the ways of education. I think she hit the nail on the head. In her review of Mr. Winkle Wakes I think she missed the mark a bit. I believe the film was trying to point out the fact that "most" schools do not have the technology that others do and this causes our children to have to learn in a very archaic way.

     In her review of Can U.S. Students Compete? I think she did a good job of telling us what she saw in the video but not so much what that means to her. I believe that video was trying to really drive home the point that without creativity our children will be lost. And finally she reviewed Harness students' Digital Smarts. In it she wrote about Vikki Davis and her wonderful approach to teaching her class. Again, Hillary captured the idea of the video but not it's repercussions. The way Ms. Davis is allowing her students to learn through their own actions can revolutionize the way we approach any subject taught in schools.

     In all, I believe that Hillary Parmer's Blog was very thoughtful and I could tell she enjoyed the videos. She did a good job with her grammar and sentence structure. She also wrote in a very thoughtful way. I only wish that she would dive below the surface and tell us how the video's made her feel.

It's Not About the Technology

     Today I read Kelly Hines' blog post "It's Not About the Technology". In it we read that technology though important is not what teachers should be focused on. Yes, technology can be a wonderful tool to aid learners, but teachers must change the way they think and become learners themselves. Instead of talking at students, teachers can learn with their students.

     Today's students are capable of becoming the world leaders in technology. Give the tools and the right instruction we as a people can accomplish anything. The world is ever changing and unless we all can evolve with these social and technological changes we will not be able to keep moving forward in this brave new world.

Is It Okay to be a Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

     Today I read Carl Fisch's Blog "Is It Okay to be a Technologically Illiterate Teacher?". In it he tells that it is most important for teachers to be on the forefront of the efforts to teach children new technology. He says that there is no excuse for allowing teachers to make excuses while jeopardizing the chances for their charges to succeed.

     We can not allow our children to fall behind the rest of the world in learning anymore. Education is the key for our children to unlock the door to endless possibilities. If we do not give these students the tools they need to be productive citizens in the future we have not done our jobs as educators.

 Gary's Social Media Count

     Today I read Gary Hayes Blog "Gary's Social Media Count". When you first click on the link you see first hand how much information is flying around out there. He tells us that every year the amount of social media used increases at a rate we never could have imagined. Moving forward we have to realize what this means to us and how we can adapt to these changes.

     Social media can be a little scary at first. If we do not make the effort now to embrace these new technologies the learning curve will be tremendous. These are the tools we will use to teach the children of tomorrow and we have to be ready to use them. We must not allow our standing in the world of education to slip down anymore.

A Vision of Students Today

     Today I watched Michael Welch's video "A Vision of Students Today". In it, we see what the students of today are really thinking about and what they are really doing with their time. It is true that what is expected of today's student is above and beyond what is humanly possible. The amount of information that one is expected to absorb is astronomical.

     So what does that mean for the teachers of tomorrow? We have to adapt to these realities and change the way we teach. We have to understand the world that our students live and teach in such a way that can bridge the gap between the ways of yesteryear and the technologies of today. We have to make these students understand the value of education and focus our attentions on what they need to know. Time is precious and we must use it wisely.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Blog Post 2

 Did You Know?

     The video Did You Know? is a true eye-opener. The facts and statistics in the video expose the truth that time is more precious than we realize. It helps to show the viewer that our world is moving at a pace that is faster than ever before. If you let it, the world will fly past and leave you behind.

     So what can we do? We must learn all we can as fast as we can. We must adapt to this new technological universe and try to stay ahead of this tsunami of information. We must maintain a hold on this ever expanding medium or else we all may be left behind.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

     The video Mr. Winkle Wakes tells the story of a man that wakes from his 100 years nap to find a future that moves very fast. He encounters many new and interesting technologies that scare and bewilder him. This future is much different than his comforting past so he goes for a walk. On that walk he comes across a school.

     Mr. Winkle goes inside to find that not much had changed at this school. It seemed as though he had walked back through time. He did encounter a computer but it was old and was not being used. Though a cartoon, the video poses a good question. Why don't our schools have the technology to teach our young people the skills they will need to achieve their goals?

 Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

     In the video Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity, we learn that our current education system undermines the creativity of today's student. Creativity in students should be nurtured not hindered. If we don't let our children take chances and make mistakes they will forever be afraid.

     The abilities to take risks and make advances toward a better future are the most important. If we are going to continue to grow as a world community we must embrace the arts. We can not take away these wonderful outlets for producing great thought. The world is a beautiful and amazing place, why can't we let our children see it?

Can U.S. Students Compete?

     In this article and video on, we read and view the fact that the united states falls short when compared to other countries when it comes to education. It seems as though other countries just refuse to allow failure. The dropout rate in countries like Finland is less than one percent. Yet, the United States allows a dropout rate of 25 percent.

     In the video Sir Robertson is interviewed by a young Cecilia Gault. We learn that curriculum in schools must change to be balanced between the arts and sciences. Also, technology must be integrated into the everyday school experience. With this mix creativity can become an asset and help these young people grow into a more productive community.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

     In Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts, we see Vicki Davis teaching new technologies to her students. The way she goes about teaching the class helps the students learn to use critical thinking skills. This helps to inspire creativity in the students which allow them to think outside the box.

     By allowing these students to use every technology available, it gives them opportunities to network in circles that they could never imagine. This gives these rural children the chance to achieve goals they never thought imaginable. This shows that if given the opportunity to use these new technologies one can make a difference.